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Storage of dangerous products:
- Oil and paint on-board boats
-Offshore oil containers
- Ammunition: resistance to Molotov cocktails (oil/petrol mix): strong adhesion of oil to the surface.
Ammunitionis sensitive to humidity and temperature variations.c

Personal protection:
- Protection of personnel onboard armoured vehicles (partition between the engine and passenger
- Protection of law enforcement vehicles (resistant to Molotov cocktails).
- Fire protection at refineries
- Protection of safe rooms in high-risk plants: Emergency services will know where to find personnel.
- HRB standards: safe room before the arrival of emergency services.

Protection of sensitive material:
- Night vision devices
- Shelters and containers, military staffvehicles
- Protection of digital data storage rooms (servers, e-business, databases, financial data).
- Protection of electrical and electronic installations

- The TAC panel comprises two electrogalvinized 3mm thick steel coatings, joined together by special
stiffeners and rock wool, density 200kg/m3. C4 is a self-supporting sandwich panel, combining
lightness, fire resistance and rigidity.
- The TAC panel complies with maritime standard A60 IMO resolution A754 (18), which is the most
demanding in terms ofinsulation and fire resistance. It is also an attractive panel, being completely
flat and thin, thus maximising useful volumes. Installation issimple as the panel is can be welded onto
any steel structure. (Doors and windows can be easily integrated, thanks to the internal reinforcers
which can be used as frames. The internal reinforcers can also be used to fit accessories directly onto

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