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Produced on the base of light commercial vehicles with total laden weight ranging from 2 to 3.5 tons, in cab chassis or platform cab versions, the insulated or refrigerated cells from Sainte-Marie Constructions Isothermes can be integrated onto all types of vehicle. All trades involved in the distribution and delivery of perishable goods and foodstuffs, under the conditions stipulated by the law, will find a high-performance, personalised solution at Sainte-Marie Constructions Isothermes.

Specific equipment will enable you to customise your truck and meet the requirements of your profession: refrigeration, air-conditioning units, multi-temperature compartments, shelves, bars and meat hooks, non-slip floor, hinges and locks made of food standard stainless steel, fixed or removable partition, flipstep or sliding step ladder, advertising trim.

Product detail:
- Volume approx. 12m3
- Class C cell
- Aluminium wings, stainless steel door stops
- Aluminium side guards
- Smooth or non-slip polyester coated floor
- Aluminium rear frame with 2-leaf full opening doors and stainless steel rails
- Outside polyester/inside aluminium panel

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